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No Man’s Sky is set to be released sometime in 2015. The game is a procedurally created open universe video game. Players take the part in a planetary pioneer adventure utilizing a spacecraft apparatus and thus permitting the player to explore and investigate the various planet’s surfaces and participate in battle with unfriendly combatants.

Planets and the player’s environment are all procedurally created. The first and initial game is built on a 32-bit numeric processor. The last video game will utilize a 64-bit seeding key and will express more than 18 quintillion conceivable planets.

The video game will have an online component that permits players to impart subtle elements of planets visited and then be able to chat with other online players. Players may also visit these planets through a substantial galactic map once they have updated their space ship for hyper-drive.

Click the link below to download 20 1920×1080 No Man’s Sky desktop backgrounds.

Download No Mans Sky HD Wallpapers and Gameplay Image Pack 20 1920×1080 backgrounds